Summer Dream – Cream Ale – 5.5% 16 IBU’s

A crisp  refreshing ale for the lighter palate.  Great on a hot day, or anytime.  Look for peach, raspberry, blueberry, and other flavor variations from time to time

Lil’ Naranja – Pale Ale – 4.5% 40 IBU’s

Meaning “Lil’ Orange” in Spanish.  This session ale’s orange zest aroma is from hops alone

Admiration IPA – India Pale Ale – 6.7% 75 IBU’s

A balanced IPA with a  malty backbone and hints of citrus and stone fruit

Ramp It! – Imperial IPA -8% 86 IBU’s

Lots of malt and lots of hops in perfect balance in a high alcohol beer

Batch 42 – Amber Ale – 6.6% 35 IBU’s

Layered caramel malts with just a slight citrus hoppiness make this an easy drinker

99 Shilling – Scottish Ale – 6.1% 16 IBU’s

Based on our award winning Wee Keeker.  A nice caramel flavor with a dry finish

BlackRock VIP – Vanilla Infused Porter – 6.6% 25 IBU’s

Vanilla and a solid porter backing.  Some describe it as having a “chocolate milk thing”

Pantano Porter – Brown Porter – 6.6% 25 IBU’s

A full bodied porter with a hint of smooth dark chocolate and espresso

Wee Keeker – Wee Heavy Ale – 9.6% 32 IBU

Brewed by Claymore wielding leprechauns in the highlands of Scotland…  Ok maybe not, but this award winning ale has caramel, raisin, dark fruit and a touch of smokiness that go with the alcohol warmth.  Available in limited release 22 oz bottles too!